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We are a group with years of experience and knowledge in the medical sector, providing our customers with the most effective and innovative clinical solutions.

Our main goal is to offer the highest standards in both the services we provide to our customers and the products we develop and manufacture. After all, our business is to serve human health by advancing medical methods.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of medical technology and innovation, offering superior quality at competitive prices. The clinical solutions we provide not only help enhance the effectiveness of medical procedures performed by physicians but also aim to ensure that patients receive the most effective benefits from their treatments.


Our vision is to be the most reliable supplier of innovative medical products used by physicians in the treatment of their patients.

We will:

  • Remain firmly committed to ethical values, and
  • Develop unique, high-performance innovative products.

With this vision, CLINODEVICE will always be the preferred solution partner for its customers.


The following values guide us, and we strive to reflect these values in our decisions and actions. We believe that by embodying these values, we can provide long-term benefits to our customers.

We take serious responsibility for both product and service quality. Our products and services always represent the best value for what is paid. Each one of us, regardless of our role, bears the responsibility of ensuring the quality of our work.

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. We understand the importance of respecting our customers, listening to their desires, and understanding their needs. We make every effort to ensure that our customers receive our products at the most suitable price, quality, and on-time delivery.