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First and Only,<br>Painless COPD<br>Balloon Therapy<br>in the World

First and Only,
Painless COPD
Balloon Therapy
in the World

Bronchoscopic treatment is applied on patients with
narrowing of the airways and thickening of the
goblet cells due to chronic bronchitis
or tobacco exposure.

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Welcome to Broncho Muco Cleaner, your gateway to innovative and effective COPD treatment solutions. We are dedicated to providing you with advanced respiratory technologies and therapies designed to enhance your breathing and improve your quality of life.

  • Breathe clean, breathe easy
  • Reduce COPD triggers
  • Enhanced respiratory health
  • Increased life quality
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Broncho Muco Cleaner COPD
Dr. Ulug Bey HAYRI
Dr. Johnson
Dr. Williams

Balloon therapy of COPD improves the quality of life of patients with chronic bronchitis.

Dr. Ulug Bey HAYRI Chest Diseases Specialist

The COPD Balloon is easy to use and provides precise airway dilation, resulting in improved airflow and symptom relief. It has the potential to revolutionize COPD management.

Dr. Johnson Operator

The COPD Balloon is a versatile tool that offers immediate relief and improves lung function in patients with severe COPD. It reduces medication adjustments and hospitalizations. Highly valuable.

Dr. Williams Operator